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Mary Paulson-Ellis is a writer living in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her debut novel, The Other Mrs Walker is published by Pan Macmillan.

In a freezing Edinburgh flat, an old lady dies with nothing left behind but a series of objects – an emerald dress, an orange and a Brazil nut with the Ten Commandments etched in its shell. What story might these objects reveal and who will uncover their tale?

“A gloriously vivid puzzle of lost identities and stolen hearts, conveyed with the verve and panache of a true storyteller.” Liz Jensen

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Ness Book Fest – Launch Event

Honoured to be the invited author for the launch of the Ness Book Fest on Thursday 5 October.

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The Territory of the Dead

The Territory of the Dead - Audio map

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The Things We Leave Behind

  • Label 1: Stuffed Stoat

    Label 1: Stuffed Stoat (Part 3, London 2011)

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  • Label 2: Apostle Spoon

    Label 2: Apostle Spoon (Part 2, Edinburgh 2011)

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  • Label 3: Lucky Coronation Penny

    Label 3: Lucky Coronation Penny (Part 1, Edinburgh 2011)

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  • Label 4: Orange

    Label 4: Orange (Part 1, London 1929)

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  • Label 5: Laburnum Seeds

    Label 5: Laburnum Seeds (Part 1, London 1933)

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  • Label 6: Brazil Nut

    Label 6: Brazil Nut (Part 2, London 1937)

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  • Label 7: Fox Stole

    Label 7: Fox Stole (Part 2, Edinburgh 2011)

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  • Label 8: China Cherub

    Label 8: China Cherub (Part 1, London 1935)

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  • Label 9: Orange Pips

    Label 9: Orange Pips (Part 5, London 1944)

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  • Label 10: Orange Peel

    Label 10: Orange Peel (Part 2, Edinburgh 2011)

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  • Label 11: A Photograph

    Label 11: A Photograph (Part 4, London 1970)

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Reviews for The Other Mrs Walker

Bestseller! The Other Mrs Walker in The Times.

The Other Mrs Walker has made it to No.3 in The Times Saturday list of bestsellers.

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