Solomon Farthing Reviews

Richly enjoyable. Paulson-Ellis writes with verve and vividness, also with sympathy… She has a real talent for this sort of deep-delving and intricately plotted mystery – The Scotsman

Alternating between present day and the last days of the First World War, this riveting story follows Solomon Farthing, a ne’er-do-well heir hunter who preys on the relatives of those who have died intestate… A deftly woven, moving plot – Woman and Home

At once contemporary and historical, The Inheritance of Solomon Farthing is a beautifully-told mystery showing the legacy of war…an action-packed story that hooks from the first chapter – The Skinny

This complex tale moves between soldiers in rural France at the end of WW1 and present day Edinburgh… the characterisation is great and the atmosphere powerful. The bored and fractious platoon is wonderfully evoked – The Daily Mail

Skilful juggling of the twin timelines in this engaging mystery reveals a darkness at its core – Times and Sunday Times Crime Club

A compelling human drama – Waterstones 

Set between present-day Edinburgh and end-of-World War I France, this riveting read reveals layer on layer of personal histories… Deftly woven together, this is a profound and moving book – Women’s Weekly

This is just as compelling as Mrs Walker in the way it asks us to think about the past… Paulson-Ellis once again creates characters that spring off the page and wholly deserves her reputation as one of Scotland’s best-regarded modern novelists – 19 Degrees Magazine

The Inheritance of Solomon Farthing is tense and alluring but it is also humane, charming, and enjoyable – The Wee Review

The amazing comradeship, petty arguments, jealousy and all embracing fear are captured brilliantly… As a personal read it was hugely absorbing – NB Magazine