Emily Noble’s Disgrace

Emily Noble’s Disgrace

‘Totally absorbing. This is a story that will keep you gripped through all its unexpected twists and turns’ Janice Hadlow (author of The Other Bennet Sister)

When extreme cleaner Essie Pound makes a gruesome discovery in a derelict Edinburgh boarding house, her path crosses with a young police officer, Emily Noble who has her own reasons to solve the case.

As the two women embark on a journey into the heart of a forgotten family, the investigation prompts fragmented memories of their own traumatic histories – something Emily has spent a lifetime attempting to bury, and Essie a lifetime trying to lay bare.

The third novel in my series exploring the world in Edinburgh of those who die with no next of kin, Emily Noble’s Disgrace digs into the the question of who cleans up once the worst has happened, and what that process might reveal.

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