Edwin’s E-zine

i.m. Edwin Morgan (with thanks for all the lines)


West in a warm blaze

To spaced out typestracts,

A feast of reason,

Teeming heads,

A painful dreaming.


This city in waters,

This Mungo’s Well,

Brings tears of dust

And flow of soul.


Handed a thistle I search

Empires and archives,

But conjure instead

Frost and buses,

White new bread,

Back court trash

And verdant herbage,

Sheets of whisky,

Violet thunder.


Winding down like a song

My map of skin

Sweats to speak

A spring of words.


It’s blue dark night

And a peculiar platinum

Lets galaxies usher

A night of panthers,

From Glasgow to Saturn.


Lines borrowed from Edwin Morgan poems (with kind permission of the Edwin Morgan Literary Estate) including: Head, dsh:recollection of a vortex, A chapter, A City, A Night Sweat, A Sunset, The Flowers of Scotland, In Glasgow, Glasgow Sonnet’s i, iv and ix, The Poet, Carboniferous, Colloquy in Glaschu, Making a Poem, Hunger, Spell, Epilogue – Seven Decades.

© Mary Paulson-Ellis

First published in Clockworks Vol. 1