Ruffled Russell, the existential Jack Russell

Whether it’s an encounter with the last bee in the world or his search for a soul, Jack ‘Ruffled’ Russell is on a constant quest for meaning. Follow the little dog as he journeys through life exploring strange new worlds and discovering (some) of the answers to the question, ‘Why?’

Ruffled Russell is an experimental children’s illustrated book project featuring an existential Jack Russell dog. It is a collaboration between myself and visual artist Audrey Grant.

The project was subject to an Edinburgh International Festival commission from the Programme Development Department in 2013, resulting in an exhibition at the Hub, Edinburgh – Ruffled Russell and the Lost Soul: Artists and their Materials.

Here is an interview about the inspiration for the exhibition. Also a film about the making of  the exhibition and an example of how story and artwork combined in our demonstration book.

The project won the inaugural Maverick Award from the Tom McGrath Trust in 2011. The Maverick Award was created for artists who wish to explore new territory and develop new ways of working. It was set up in honour of playwright and all round creative maverick, Tom McGrath, who died in 2009.