Doug Johnstone at The Portobello Bookshop

Join me and fellow Edinburgh crime writer, Doug Johnstone to discuss his latest novel, The Opposite of Lonely.

We will be appearing at The Portobello Bookshop in Edinburgh on Tuesday 19 September, 7pm.

Johnstone’s critically acclaimed Skelf series featuring three generations of female funeral directors and part-time private investigators is rightly popular.

In this, the hugely anticipated fifth instalment, the Skelf women are recovering from cataclysmic events that nearly claimed their lives. With a body lost at sea, funerals for those with no one to mourn them and a violent attach in the family, this could be on of their most personal – and perilous – cases yet.

Tickets from £3-£9.99 include a copy of the novel. Alternatively join for free online or in person.