Edinburgh International Book Festival

I am delighted to be chairing three events for the 2023 Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Monday 14 August, 17:45-18:45
Ambrose Parry: The Thrill of the Unexplained

I will be joining crime-writing duo Christopher Brookmyre and Marisa Haetzman to talk about their latest tale of Edinburgh’s Victorian underworld, Voices of the Dead. Body parts have been found at Surgeon’s Hall, but they are not anatomy specimens…

Thursday 17 August, 10:15-11:15
Richard T Kelly: Scotland’s Black Gold Rush

Richard T Kelly’s evocative new novel, The Black Eden spins a fascinating story about five characters from different walks of life affected by the oil boom in Scotland. Spanning forty years, this capacious political novel grapples with huge themes and an impassioned debate…

Monday 28 August, 10:15-11:15
Sin Blaché & Helen Macdonald: Double Agents

What if your happiest memories were turned against you? I’m excited to be joining BlachĂ© and co-author, H is for Hawk writer, Helen Macdonald to discuss their thrilling, inventive science fiction novel, Prophet, all about the weaponisation of nostalgia…